• 29,00 € In Stock

    MDF wooden plinth for the display of sculptures and art objects. Its gross finish allows you to paint the plinth to the desired color and so fit perfectly into the design of your gallery, home, artspace...   Load capacity: 50 to 60 kg. Available in 9 different formats.

    29,00 €
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  • 12,00 € In Stock

    Entomological box for the preservation, storage and display of your insects. Covered with a black (standard), green, white or red bookbinding cloth (additionnal period).   Width of the stick : 1 cm Depth : 5,4 cm. (Available with a depth of 6,5 cm for boxes 30 x 40 and 50 x 40 cm).

    12,00 €
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  • 60,00 € In Stock

    This plexiglas case has been designed for the exhibition of dolls but is also ideal for the display for every collectibles such as figurines, statuettes or for wedding bouquets... It also protect them from dust. You choose your size and the colour of the braize. She will seduce you with its price and a great selection of sizes !   (Width x Length x Height)

    60,00 €
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  • 8,00 € In Stock

    The economical and easy solution for the transport, packaging and storage of your work. Polyethylene packaging bag, waterproof, breathable and with a window to identify the work inside. Ecological "Green Label" (100% recyclable).

    8,00 €
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  • 102,60 € 108,00 € -5% In Stock

    Sculpture saddle Jullian is perfect for an elegant and economical display of your sculptures, or for your modelling works.   Turntable and height adjustable from 100 to 130 cm by 8 different positions. Delivery in kit.

    102,60 € 108,00 € -5%
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  • 24,00 € In Stock

    Melinex Polyester pockets, opening on the upper part, archival quality. It is particularly suitable for the preservation and handling of fragile document such as photography, drawing, letter... Very transparent, the polyester is completely neutral and does not age. Pack of 50. PAT-ISO 18916:2007  

    24,00 €
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  • 48,00 € In Stock

    Entirely handmade in permanent cardboard, this elegant preservation box will offer a perfect and long-term solution to preserve archive documents.   PAT-ISO 18916:2007

    48,00 €
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  • 10,20 € In Stock

    213 water base wax, developped by the BNF (French National Library), made ​​from beef foot oil. It is especially recommended for the treatment and care of leather binding.   Not suitable for very degraded bindings. Neutral pH.   Avalaible pot 50 ml or 200 ml.

    10,20 €
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  • 51,00 € In Stock

    5-sided square acrylic cover for the protection and display of your collectibles. It especially protects your collectibles against dust and blocks 90% of UV rays. Plexiglass thickness: 3 mm.   It will not seduce you with their low price!Sold without stand.

    51,00 €
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  • 86,80 € In Stock

    Tyvek ®, non-woven polyethylene, is a material incredible strength, chemically neutral and resistant to high temperature variations.   Ideal for packing your collectibles, make suits, protective cover, sewing ...   Basis weight : 43 gsm. Sample on request.

    86,80 €
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  • 3,60 € In Stock

    A discrete support, made of acrylic, specifically designed to display your books vertically.   Perfect to be put on shelves, counter, in display case...   Dimensions : Depth of the base x Total Depth x Height

    3,60 €
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  • 12,36 € In Stock

    These boxes are made for a secure storage of all your archive documents: family archives, old papers, letters, photographs, maps, plans, ... Made of permanent cardboard, they are acid-free and lignigne-free to avoid yellowing of your paper archives of any kind.   PAT-ISO 18916:2007

    12,36 €
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